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Stephanie Anderson
Damn Your Calomel, Pills, Opium, and Blisters

Jessica Baron

Julia Cohen

Claire Donato

Elizabeth Sanger

Peter Jay Shippy

G.C. Waldrep

Damn Your Calomel, Pills, Opium, and Blisters
Stephanie Anderson

The wide road with grassy margin

Stole quietly into the lake

Cool drink has preserved me

Caulked each fall with clay

Like an eagle's eyrie

He has passed his life in worse than solitude

Servility despised

Even a dead wildcat

Hence despotic habits

Crowded with piles

A strong one-horse waggon

With an occasional hen

High clay ramparts of shore swept

An immense curve

Girt with a belt of forest

Of homespun blankets and bolts of cloth

Blue ground with the sprig

Well bedizined with Roses and Gambage

The Colonel's Creek till

His will no appeal

Very type of an aristocrat

The old man ere he returned