Harp & Altar
Stephanie Anderson

Jessica Baron

Julia Cohen
I Carry a Basket for the Fingers That Fall

Claire Donato

Elizabeth Sanger

Peter Jay Shippy

G.C. Waldrep

I Carry a Basket for the Fingers That Fall
Julia Cohen
The nests outside swing wider

than my house            my hilltop

the crest on the mantel calling            for veins


When I fork this light two bodies

             blend into the face you held

Jumbled letters            glisten on the backs

of flowers


In the frozen garden I feel

fetching            how I met you            how sleep

             mists our daily envies


so the ovals upturn & open


* * *


Small breaths penny            the floor

into soft nooks & wetness

             descends down the chimney


When I take my gloves

off the water is            wetter

             tastes like the day I learned


to run with a basket of sheets


* * *


Don’t back away from

the face’s missing fingers            I’ll be at the altar

of your sleepcoat            an emaciated tree


with my offer of nametags

             & a broken dinner plate


I’ve never moved slower


No oily necklace            no bicycle seats offer

             to cut the sheet into smaller sections


* * *


I could saw the trees into a bed

             to angle your sleep


But you would still be sleeping

             Yelps from the chimney

are the victors