Harp & Altar
Kate Greenstreet

Jennifer Hayashida

Karla Kelsey

Justin Marks

Patrick Morrissey

Linnea Ogden
Girl With Sudden Death Syndrome

Rob Schlegel

Andrei Sen-Senkov
translated by Zachary Schomburg

Girl With Sudden Death Syndrome
Linnea Ogden

The grade I got from a niece of the current

Regime. My sunburned

Nipple, also a variety of Japanese shrubbery.

Did you know the bus is free. Untitled skirts for

Fall. Why didn’t you say something.

I didn’t want to say anything. Underwater plants wave from

The underwater mirror of the spring. I don’t cede

My right to poignancy and have been assured

You did so only recently. Birds ask

And answer fire where here

Here here.