Edward Wilson
Linnea Ogden

My concern is my work. Under that my love for you. That becomes a face

if I wear snow goggles. What are you doing there in England.

Thank you for the gloves. The suspenders. The letters by dogsled.

By horse and ski. This is where I press against things.


I should be sleeping more. I sleep a little. Get up early. Remember the woods

where we courted. Want to kiss the penguin eggs. Want to find a wren’s nest

in all this white. Even white beauty. When we won each other for ever. The green

shapes through my mask are too even. I try to sleep more. Put cocaine in my eyes.


There is life for a time. We leave depots along the trail. To come back.

And our trail-breakers leave us things. We trade equipment. I gave up my watch

since none of theirs work. Our two are off by 26 minutes. A grave difference.

We shoot the ponies one by one. Even mine will go tomorrow. We pull from there.